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UFO unidentified flying otttub

UFO unidentified flying otttub

There are many ways to deliver our Zspas hot tubs to suit the particulars of every house or business we work with.

Most houses have clear and easy access with wide gates and entrances, but occasionally we are presented with narrow access & unmovable objects such as a brick wall, this is when we have to call on crane hire.

There is nothing more unusual for anyone to see than a hot tub being carried over a house in mid air!

It’s a safe and efficient process & the dynamics of each job differs again between each home.

If you if you feel your access is not too wide and think a crane might be required, please email images of the access areas to  plus measurements so our team can analyse the data and give back our professional opinion.

Crane hire is an extra cost on top of the delivery so by looking at images and discussing with yourselves, we can look at ways to averting this cost if possible.

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