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Purestream De-Ionizer Filter

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Hard water is not good for your spa.

As well as uncomfortable scale on the wall of your tub, white calcium marks on your jets, & limescale build up in your filter it also damages the internals of your spa, especially the heater.

Eventually limescale will become present in the tub itself in the form of "calcium flakes"

The Pure-Stream Filter is easy to use when filling your spa or pool to help prevent hard water from forming & will work well with no scale and 4 ways testing strips to keep hard water under strict control.


  1. Simply attach your garden hose to the filter & fill your spa using a slow to medium flow rate.
  2. The slower the fill the more effective the process.
  3. It is important the filter remains wet so replace the end caps when finished.
  4. use in conjunction with Perfect Balance No Scale & Insta 4 Way Testing Strips for regular monitoring of hard water & water balances 


  • The filter is compatible for all sizes of hot tub and swimming pools upto 36,000 litres.
  • Reusable

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