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Spa Frog Floating Sanitiser

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This Hot Tub Floating System Contains Two Parts

  • A bromine cartridge for disinfection
  • A conditioning cartridge for softer feeling water

Spa Start Up

  • Always drain and refill spa at least every 4 months
  • Clean and replace filter cartridges when dirty
  • Heat water to recommended temperature before using cartridges.

Very Important: Before using cartridges, establish an initial residual of 3.0 – 5.0ppm bromine or chlorine with a granular brominating concentrate (which typically contains 85% sodium dichlor (chlorine) and 15% sodium bromide) OR a chlorine shock.

DO NOT use a non-chlorine shock.

Setting Cartridges

  • Set the blue conditioning cartridge wide open on #6 by holding the bottom and turning the top until the number 6 appears in the settings window. No further adjustments are necessary.
  • With a freshly filled spa, initially set the yellow bromine cartridge on #5 for the first 24 hours ONLY. Then the first week or so, before each use, test the water and adjust cartridge by 1 setting per day until the bromine stabilises to at least 3.0ppm

Using The Floating System 

  • Insert both cartridges into the green floating holder by pushing them into the openings until they stay in place.
  • The SPA FROG Floating System free float in the spa.
  • When using the spa simply remove the SPA FROG System, drain most of the water into the spa and set on the sides of the spa inverted so all excess water drains into the holder

Replacing Cartridges 

  • The SPA FROG conditioning cartridge should be replaced every 4 months or when draining and refilling the spa with fresh water
  • Replace the SPA FROG bromine cartridge when empty. Drain water to ensure the cartridge is empty then discard in the rubbish.
  • The cartridge life will depend on the size of the spa and the number of users.

Regular Spa Care

  • Run filtration system as recommended
  • Regularly test the water with test strips for ph, total alkalinity, and bromine levels
  • Maintain a 3.0 – 5.0ppm bromine level at all times
  • Shock the spa once a week or as needed. Additional shocking may be required if the spa is under heavy use. This is often the case when the spa is new
  • Remember to replace SPA FROG conditioning cartridge and Spa Frog bromine cartridge as directed under “replacing cartridges”

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