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Zspas Replacement Filter Cartridge











Regular cleaning of your filter with prolong its life and a clean filter is essential for the smooth running of your hot tub as this keeps the water circulation very efficient.


  • Height 350mm
  • Width 120mm
  • Thread width 57mm

Product Benefits

  • Zspas spare filters are easy to fit and very simple to clean.
  • Clean your filter regularly to ensure free flowing clean water.

Compatible Models

Hera Deluxe, Zeus Deluxe, Pontus BP Deluxe, Perseus BP Deluxe, Apollo BP Deluxe, Olympus Deluxe, Athena BP Deluxe, Poseidon BP Deluxe.


  • 1, Remove filter cover
  • 2, Unscrew old filter and lift out
  • 3, Place new filter inside and screw to fit

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