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The Zspas & Zen Spas Hot Tub Collection

Scroll down to see the collection of Zspas hot tubs & Zen Spas luxury hot tubs. 

The hot tub range is designed to cover options from 2 seater hot tubs up to the family size hot tubs of 7 seaters plus & now Spa Touch & MicroSilk models.

The hot tub range has also be enhanced with our collaboration with the Balboa Water Group , who are regarding as the designers & originators of the best spa control systems in the world.

A Balboa hot tub is regarded as the ultimate hot tub & at hot tub suppliers we are very excited to have Balboa spa control systems in all our range.

Each product page has facts and specifications on each model plus actual costs. 

Each hot tub has its own product download brochure & video .

If you have any questions on our range of hot tubs and need any more assistance , please do not hesitate to call or email us at

customercare@hottbusuppliers.com or call 01162513378

Hera Deluxe

Hera Deluxe £2395 RRP £3745

Zeus Deluxe

Zeus Deluxe £2795 RRP £4340


Countesa £3145 RRP £4995

Apollo Deluxe

Apollo Deluxe £3745 RRP £5695

Pontus Deluxe

Pontus Deluxe £3745 RRP £5775


Olympus £3745 RRP £5595


Duke £3745 RRP £5620


Baron £3745 RRP £5620

Perseus Deluxe

Perseus Deluxe £3945 RRP £5920

Athena Deluxe

Athena Deluxe £3995 RRP £5995


Viscount £3995 RRP £5595


Poseidon £4245 RRP £5595

Countesa Deluxe

Countesa Deluxe £4745 RRP £6645

Baron Pro

Baron Pro £4745 RRP £6645


Dynasty £4945 RRP £6925

Duke Deluxe

Duke Deluxe £4945 RRP £6650


Duchess £4995 RRP £6995


Emperor £4995 RRP £7875

Revive MicroSilk

Revive MicroSilk £6995 RRP £11995

Radiance Microsilk

Radiance Microsilk £7995 RRP £13495

Renaissance MicroSilk

Renaissance MicroSilk £7995 RRP £13495

Cleo MicroSilk

Cleo MicroSilk £7995 RRP £13495

Allure Microsilk

Allure Microsilk £7995 RRP £13495

Download Brochure

Download Brochure

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