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In Mode For Hot Tub Efficiency

In Mode For Hot Tub Efficiency

With one month of the New Year already passed (it has gone fast as usual).I hope all the pledges to eat less, drink less and spend less to be healthier in both body and wallet are still going strong with clear intent.

At Hot Tub Suppliers we are constantly asked about energy costs of the hot tubs and how to keep them to the minimum level so being the start of the year, it’s an opportune moment to explain.

Hot tubs need to left on, it is a waste of power to frequently turn them on and off as this uses allot of energy with the heater warming up the 1000’s of litres of water constantly.

The hot tub is left on and by using the modes on the spa control system, the energy efficiency is improved and savings can be made.
Most Balboa hot tubs have 3 modes: standard, economy and sleep. Each mode has its benefits and at least 2 of the modes need to be used to give efficiency.

The modes are explained below:
The temperature of the hot tub will be reach and maintained when in standard mode.

The hot tub will only use the heater when the spa is in “filter mode” and the water has encountered a drop in temperature below the standard setting.
By default filter modes are 2 hours in the morning and 2 hours in the evening, the rest of the time the hot tub will use the insulation to keep the spa warm and retain heat.

Economy is a good setting for those who use the hot tub daily. The drop in temperature fluctuates during the year from minor or no temperature falls in the summer, to larger drops in the coldest part of winter.

Sleep :
This works on the same basis as economy but when the hot tub filters , the heater will only operate when the drop in temperature is 10 degrees below the standard setting , so if your standard setting is 36 degrees, the heater when in sleep mode will only be activated when the temperature drops below 26 degrees.
This is good for a long term absence from the hot tub such as holiday or if you are working away from home from Monday to Friday.

I use the hot tub daily so I keep the hot tub in standard and economy modes.  I use the hot tub in the evenings so I have set the filter period to be at 7am to 9am and 7pm to 9pm, when I go to use the hot tub at 9pm, the hot tub will be warm to the fact it has been filtering and heating for 2 hours during the filter period.

Sometimes in the colder months such as now , I will adjust the time and replace economy mode with standard mode at 5pm so by 9pm the temperature is reach by using an extra 2 hours to reach the required temperature.

Heat retention of a hot tub depends on the location (sheltered, open, shaded areas or indoors) the month of the year, plus user management.
As you get to know your hot tub more, the more you can adjust and tweak to ensure the hot tub primed to the right temperature at the right times for the maximum hot tub experience with minimum exposure to your expenses.

And we can all drink to that. 

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