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Special Relationship

Special Relationship

This weekend , we was pleased to welcome Vice President of the Balboa Water Group JP Parent to Leicester, who stopped by on his European tour of 6 countries in 10 days .

This example of hard work & commitment is one of the many reasons The Balboa Water Group are the largest & best spa manufacturers plus designers in the world.

Our relationship with Balboa has flourished over recent years not only because of our increased sales but also our input with ideas & feedback from our customers which is of course vitally important.

We have met JP on many occasions now & each time we have benefited from his vast knowledge, product support which has been unrelenting plus his humour !

On the menu for todays meeting was discussing new & exciting products for 2017, more user videos for the buyers on Balboa products plus the market impact caused by the new inovations of 2016 which is Spa Touch and Microsilk.

Its clear to see that Balboa has no plans for complacency and the future of hot tubs is that the product will keep improving each year with more exciting & cutting-edge products.



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