13 Amp or  32 Amp?

When browsing through the different types of hot tubs there are many features to consider when acquiring the appropriate hot tub for yourself

One feature to consider is the attributes of a 13amp or a 32amp hot tub.

This article will help you understand the benefits of both 13 & 32 amps so you can conclude with which hot tub is best to suit your requirements.


What are amps?


Amps or ampage is the power required for each hot tub to perform, 13 amp is the same power as you may already be accustomed to within most standard homes, whilst a 32 amp supply is more powerful and may require a specific installation by a qualified electrician. 


What is the specification difference between a 13 and 32 amp hot tub?


The main difference between 13 and 32 amp hot tubs in the Hot Tub Supplier range are as below.

13 amp hot tubs would feature :

A, A 2KW or 3kw heater (All 32amp have 3kw). This heater is responsible for heating the water in the hot tub.

B, A single pump system (32amp hot tub can be single or multiple pump systems). These pumps are responsible for the flow of water through the jets.


What does this mean?


A 2kw heater would take longer to heat water than a 3kw heater, this might not be an issue if the hot tub is situated indoors or under shelter, but might be worth consideration if left in a more open & exposed location.

A single pump system would manage the hot tub exactly the same as a 32 amp hot tub ( with a single pump system ) so there would be no difference.

Also on 13amp systems the pump & heater would not be possible to run simultaneously unlike 32amps where this is possible.




Both 13amp and 32 amp hot tub have benefits, 13 amp models are easier to install and connect, whilst the 32 amp ensures better performance with the extra power created.

To see our range of 13amp ( Plug & Play ) hot tubs click this link 

The models are Hera Deluxe , Zeus Deluxe , Countesa, Duke , Baron , Viscount & Olympus Deluxe.

The models have been designed so that no model has excess of 30 jets to therefore maintain good hydrotherapy, plus also on models Duke, Countesa & Viscount there is the bonus feature of water diverters to create a more dedicated spa experience.

The rest of the range are 32 amp models with 3kw heaters & multiple pump systems. If requiring a hot tub of over 30 jets, a multiple pump system is recommended to maintain good hydrotherapy.

Popular Models such as the Emperor Deluxe , Princess, Apollo BP Deluxe, Pontus BP Deluxe  Perseus BP Deluxe, Spa Touch Models , Dual Control & Microsilk hot tubs require 32 amps as they have all feature large amount of jets which require multiple pumps plus a more advanced Balboa Spa System.

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