Biofilm Prevention Advice

Biofilm is any group of bacteria & other micro-organisms that attach themselves to a solid surface which is in regular contact with water.

These micro-organisms submerge themselves in a protective layer of slime that is resistant to sanitisers such as Chlorine or Bromine.

Biofilm can carry bacteria such as Legionella & E-Coli and grows in dark, warm, water dominated areas.

Common examples of biofilm include

  • Plaque on teeth
  • Slippery substances found on river stones
  • Inside the pipework of hot tubs and pools.

Biofilm inside the hot tub can create cloudy water, can give off odours & effect the performance of the hot tub so its vitally important biofilm is kept in check by the weekly maintenance of the hot tub plus using a hot tub flush when emptying the hot tub every 12 weeks.

Please also follow the guidelines always beset to hot tub use with minimal application of lotions, creams, antiperspirants & soaps as these substances in the water can create a perfect environment for biofilm to form.

Also once a year, it is important to service the hot tub where the internal parts are given a more severe clean.

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