Hot Tub Buying Advice

We get allot of calls from buyers asking for advice and admitting they find the process of looking for a hot tub "confusing" and also a "minefield". From browsing the internet or going to a garden centre choices are vast & the "advice” has more the seller in mind rather than the buyer.

The best way to decide on the best hot tub for yourself , is to ask yourself what you actually want from the hot tub rather than have a salesman advise you on what you require , and this can be answered using our 6 point plan.

1: What Size Do You Have To Work With?
What is the size of the space in the garden, summer house, conservatory etc that has been earmarked for the hot tub?
From answering this question, you can determine the size you require.

2: How Many People Is This Hot Tub For?  2, 5, 6 Or More?
Who is the hot tub intended for? Yourself and a partner, the family? , the extended family & friends?
From answering this question you can determine the seater requirement for your hot tub.

3: What Permutation Do You Want With Seats & Loungers? 
Do you like all seats and no loungers? Or just 1 lounger? Or 2 loungers?

By answering this question you can decide on the exact specification of thhot tub you require.

4: What Is My Budget?
Very important, every project has a budget so have a figure and try to keep to it.


6: Will The Hot Tub Be Delivered With Ease?
Check your access to see if a manual delivery would be possible.  For a manual delivery we need a width of 110 to 120cm width and no steep steps or walls.
If this option is impossible and there is no other viable option, then a lift has to be organised with a crane or hiab company.
Always get these costs first before proceeding with your purchase so all costs are in hand and you know the total cost of the project.


5: Country Of Origin, Background To The Product.

With the country of origin, the question is more to enquire on the background to the brand & not where it’s made. 

The question is more how it’s made and not where it’s made

Some customers mention they are frightening by salesmen warning of inferior goods from China or Mexico (some American hot tub brands make their goods in Mexico)

Our households are brimming with the latest electrical & smart devices all made in Asia or the Americas, these products are far more sophisticated than a hot tub so there is no reason why a quality hot tubs can't be made in these areas.

Whatever the commodity in question, no country in the world owns the patent on poor quality goods,

What is important is to enquire more about the brand, the history, the parts, the infrastructure, the reviews etc. 

Quality from Asia & Mexico should be clear & proudly mentioned, any company that masks these details should be asked why this is the case.


From the 6 point plan, you have arrived with size, specification and complete costs you need for your project.
To find the right supplier for the model you require you must find a supplier with:-

  • Strong reviews.
  • Proven & trusted after sales service.
  • Bishta Affiliated.
  • Balboa Approved.
  • Helpful tips and advice for current buyers.
  • Complete video tutorials for current buyers.
  • External and internal images of their hot tubs to see the true quality.
  • Complete and comprehensive downloadable brochures on each product.
  • Available videos of each model in the range.
  • Value for money prices.
  • Quality product.
  • Industry award winners
  • Clear product & infrastructure information.

...We are 1 but there may be others.

It’s very important to read into companies and be aware of companies who fly pitch for a summer season & then disappear come autumn, this is also the same for supermarkets who tend to run hot tubs for the season in the same manner they would stock barbeques & swimwear. 

To deal with a specialist hot tub dealer who works for 52 weeks giving not only product but maintenance & service advice is essential for a satisfying & trouble free hot tub purchase.

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