Life Story's

Here are some amazing stories of the health benefits of our hot tubs.

Bishta Gold Award 2018 - Amy Headridge

Amy was First Diagnosed with Juvenile Battens Disease Aged 9 having been born Perfectly Healthy  (although she will have had this condition from birth ) symptoms became apparent from aged 5 but only subtle differences that you couldn’t quite put your finger on Aged 7 She was Diagnosed with Bulls Eye Macular Dystrophy  11sept 01and 2 years later  July 4th 2003 she was Diagnosed with Juvenile Battens Disease which has over time left her completely blind with complex epilepsy, myoclonus, difficulty with sleeping, feeding, toileting she is now completely reliant on care 24/7 and she is fed by a peg and requires a wheelchair for mobility and hoist transfers  she also has Respiratory issues and Severe Scoliosis  there is no cure for this condition and most Sadly lose their battle between early childhood and early Adulthood …Amy is now 24!

We’ve tried hydrotherapy pools   In the past but the logistics around that became difficult so we looked into having our own Spa which we researched thoroughly Amy loves It and the Benefits to Amy are that it relieves pain from muscle spasms, Improves her Circulation, helps maintain a range of motion in her joints, Helps relaxation and most importantly allows her freedom and being able to spend quality time with friends and family in an Activity that can be enjoyed by all.

Amy uses the hot tub 3/4 times a week  though it’s used by the family every day and is used by them for relaxation in between caring, Amy’s preferred seat is the loungers as she loves to feel the jets and the heat from the water  and being able to float she is certainly more relaxed after using the hot tub I would certainly recommend it for health benefits to Anyone in a similar position it not only benefits Amy’s health but it’s a great social outlet that she wouldn’t otherwise have with friends and family This is Definitely our best purchase in regards to Amy’s health and well-being! 

Stephanie ordered the Perseus BP Deluxe hot tub 

Amy is the current Gold Award winner at the British Pool & Hot Tub Awards 2018.




Amy Headridge

Hampshire | Perseus BP Deluxe

Bishta Gold Award 2017 - Dayton Smith

Dayton Smith’s journey started at birth when mother Elaine was rushed in for an emergency cesarean.

Dayton then spent the next 7 weeks in the intensive care at Stamford hospital whilst his oxygen levels remained a problem. It was only after a blood transfusion that Dayton was cleared to eventually return to the family home in November 2012.

However the issue with Dayton oxygen levels and breathing was still a problem, he would stop breathing whilst being fed and would choke on food and drink consistently.

After 6 months of worry and being in and out of the hospital, parents Jamie & Elaine booked an appointment with a specialist paediatrician and this is where they were told the news that Dayton had cerebral palsy.

The news was devastating for all but Jamie gathered himself to pledge to raise money and awareness about cerebral palsy and work tirelessly towards providing Dayton with the support and resources to give a life he deserved.

Elaine & Jamie was also advised a hot tub with good hydrotherapy would benefit Dayton & should be part of any project.

This after countless fundraising and hard work we received a call from Jamie and he ordered the Emperor Deluxe model from Hot Tub Suppliers which was delivered this year.

Dayton uses the hot tub 3 to 4 times per week and the benefits have been fantastic.

 “We got told Dayton would never sit or walk but since using the hot tub, Dayton has gained more control of his head and gained better posture,

Dayton can sit for a few seconds unaided and can walk in a special walking frame …and this is just from having the pool for 6 months we can't wait to see the progress in a year's time.

Dayton has also taken great pleasure from sharing his hot tub experience with his family and sharing fun with his sisters, he also enjoys the calm of the lights and water features “

Jamie Smith – Dayton’s Father

The hot tub has helped Dayton improve his mobility & posture, has given him a lot of fun and also allowed him to share valuable time with his family which has both physical & emotional benefits

The Hot tub has been fantastic but of course, the most important part in this whole process is the tremendous strength and character of Dayton plus the support and bond of his loving family.

Elaine & Jamie order the Emperor Deluxe hot tub in pebble grey with midnight grey cabinet 

Dayton was the Gold Award winner at the British Pool & Hot Tub Awards 2017.

Elaine & Jamie Smith

Lincolnshire | Emperor Deluxe

Bishta Gold Award 2016 - Christian Rogers

We purchased an Emperor Hot tub from Hot Tub Suppliers and have nothing but praise for the company and in particular, Arun who helped us every step of the way, ensuring that the product selection was correct for our requirements and keeping us informed of progress.

The main reason for purchasing a hot tub was to use for hydrotherapy for our son Christian who has cerebral Palsy and to play a part in getting him ready and developing movement for a Hospital assessment for his suitability for an operation which was positive, and will continue to play an even more important part in preparing Christian for his operation and his post-operative rehabilitation.

Our installation was complex as the hot tub needed to be craned into position, and Arun recommended a Crane company AS Transport and the owner Alan attended himself to ensure that the lift was planned and undertaken both safely and without any problems, and on the day of installation the AS team were fantastic being both extremely professional and going the extra mile to make sure that the hot tub was positioned perfectly.

Whilst our main reason for purchasing was for our son, the hot tub has also had a lot of use at children’s parties and some good old-fashioned fun for the family as a whole

It is always worrying about buying from the Internet but we would have no hesitation in recommending Hot Tub Suppliers and their partners AS Transport

Paul and Yvette Rogers

Paul & Yvette ordered the Emperor Deluxe hot tub in midnight grey with midnight grey cabinet 

Christian was the Gold Award winner at the British Pool & Hot Tub Awards 2016.

Paul Rogers

Surrey | Emperor Deluxe

Excellent Hydrotherapy & Increased Flexability

We wanted a hot tub for the family and more notably  for our son who has a disability where he has tightness in his limbs thus reducing flexibility in his joints leading to restricted movement.

We were advised  a good hydrotherapy hot tub would assist with helping the tightness/flexibility/movement issues he was experiencing thus leading to an increase in movement and confidence and also as the hot tub was so big, we could sit with him and take extra satisfaction from being together as family.

We bought the Poseidon hot tub and we are very happy , the hot tub is fantastic and the service and delivery was 2nd to none.

As a family we are very happy and our son now has increased flexibility in some joints which is brilliant to see and I do truly feel a reduction in pain.

With the use of a hoist, he use's the hot tub on a regular basis and thoroughly enjoys it.  

This has been a fantastic investment for the whole family, and only wish we had purchased this sooner.

Derek & Tania ordered a Poseidon in pebble grey with a grey cabinet.

Derek & Tania Eales

Gwent | Poseidon BP Deluxe

Hydrotherapy After Leg Injury

I had a leg injury back in 2016 have been have physio since.

I was debating on getting a hot tub for a while and was shopping around until I came across Hot Tub Suppliers in August 2017 they were fantastic, friendly knew there stuff advised the right tub to suit not only me but my family as well.

They went out of there way to help was on the button from the start.

Brook in the office she is amazing help me still to this day with my chemical orders.

I ordered my Duke in August and received like maybe 2/3 weeks later quick turn around and they let me know when everything was happening

The lads placed the tub where I requested it to be and the showed me what’s what!!! I will say to anybody reading this do it my leg has improved so much in 3 months I wish I done it a lot sooner thanks Hot Tub Suppliers,

Thanks Brook & Arun

Carl ordered the Duke hot tub in Pebble Grey with a Steel Grey cabinet 

Carl Pearson

Peterborough | Duke

Aided Back & Neck Problems

In March 2013 I purchased a Hera hot tub from Hottubsuppliers.

The seller was very professional and gave us really great advice during the installation.

We managed to get it installed indoors in April and since then my family and friends do enjoy this wonderful hot tub with many great features.

Firstly, it is quite spacious and two people can get in without a problem.

The jets are very powerful and do an amazing hydro massage on the back and neck.

I do have a neck problem especially in wet and gloomy weather, however 20-30 minutes in the hot tub help me carry on through the day without a problem.

The power of each jet can be manually adjusted to your liking. Furthermore, this hot tub has some “mood lifters” as well – radio with inbuilt speakers and underwater colour changing lights.

Overall, this is a great hot tub with plenty of features and all this comes with a wonderful pre- and post-sale service. Well worth the money and I would recommend it to anyone enjoying a home comfort. 

Rossen ordered a Hera in Mosaic Blue with an Oak cabinet.

Rossen Donev

West Glamorgan | Hera Deluxe

Spinal & Back Massage Benefits 

My hot tub is helping me so much, my pain totally disappears for a few hours after use and it also stops me from feeling like a ironing

we cannot thank you enough for the support and help you gave us and I have been passing your details around on a spinal site :)


Sarah ordered the Emperor Deluxe hot tub in pebble grey with dark grey surround 


Sarah Russell

West Midlands | Emperor Deluxe

Helps With Sleep & Aching Muscles

Had the tub for over a year now, use it regularly, helps get a good night sleep after achy muscle days biking or office work.
Nice design and has worked well.
Online videos and manuals are a real help trying to figure out all the buttons!
Customer Services always gets back with advice & support so would recommend
Andrew ordered the Countesa in Pebble Grey with a Steel Grey cabinet 

Andrew Overton

Northampton | Countesa

Health Benefits After Accident Are Evident

We did our research of Hot Tub Suppliers when it was suggested that my wife would benefit from a tub after a serious car accident.   We shortlisted companies and decided upon Hot Tub Suppliers based on their feedback, range of tubs & prices.

Arun was patient as we discussed our needs, advised on the appropriate choice of tub, the logistics involved, location and of course the delivery.    We ordered a less popular colour and had a few weeks wait before it came into stock.  

The delivery was made easy as we could take down a fence panel and access via the back garden.  

The delivery guys had to work hard to cross the gravel in the garden, but managed and carefully placed the tub in its new home on our deck. 

Setup and commissioning were all straight forward and within 24hours we were up and running!

The tub gets used at least 5 days per week and the benefits to my wife’s health are evident.

Lorne Clark

Lorne ordered the Zeus Deluxe in Midnight Grey using our design you own section of the website

Lorne Clarke

Northamptonshire | Zeus Deluxe

Hydrotherapy For Ankles
Good product, it does what it says on the tub. Good for my back and my wife's ankles
Francis ordered the Zeus Deluxe in mosaic blue with oak cabinet 

Francis Buckle

Exeter | Zeus Deluxe

Pain Relief For Adults
All our family from 6 years of age to 66 of age benefit from a great party tub when required or a relaxing hydrotherapy relaxing tub.
We have so many happy times from grandchildren swimming splashing to teenage party's to relaxing and pain relief for the adults.
Out of this world.
Cliff order the Baron Pro hot tub in midnight grey with oak cabinet using the design your own section of the website 

Cliff Mayor

Lancashire | Baron Pro

Goodbye to Back Ache 

We upgraded our spa from an inflatable to the real thing last year to help with mine and my husbands collective back ache.

Along with health benefits, the hot tub has been fantastic both socially and mentally.

We sit in the hot tub with no distractions, we relax, chat & refresh . 

The hot tubs is used every day & afterwards we feel so good & the hot tub has really helped our aches and pains.

A great investment.

Susan ordered the Baron 13amp hot tub in Mosaic Blue with an Oak Brown cabinet.

Susan Pinder

Yorkshire | Baron

Cheaper Than Gym Membership 

What a professional service!!

My property isnt very easily accessible but Arun assured me every step of the way helping me source a crane and I purchased a product worth every penny at a fraction of the cost from other 'named brands'. We are delighted with our purchase and have used all through the winter including new years eve.

Best still we now have the true costs on our electricity bill - £7.50 a week, less than a family gym membership and far more fun.

If you are looking at purchasing a hot tub then look no further than this company and you will be the next person writing a review resounding my comments


Tracey ordered the Perseus Deluxe in Mosaic Blue with an Oak cabinet.



Tracey Heaselgrave

Staffordshire | Perseus Deluxe

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