Hot Tub Maintenance Tips

Keep The Water Clean & Clear

1. Keep The Water Clean & Clear

This is done by being aware of the hazards which can make the water turn cloudy or affect the chemical balance of the hot tub.

  • moisturizers
  • perfumes and aftershaves
  • fake tan
  • detergents left in bathing costumes
  • deodorants
  • makeup
  • soap & shampoo

 Weekly shocking & maintenance tasks are both beneficial and easy, help video can be seen on his link 

Try To Be As Clean As Possible When Entering The Spa

2. Shower Before Entering The Spa

Showering before entering the hot tub is recommended.

This will remove any dirt, sweat, makeup, creams etc. from the skin which would only settle in the water.

When entering the water with makeup or creams or hair products this runs the risk of cloudy & foamy water.


Be Careful When Entering & Leaving the hot tub

3. Care Entering & Leaving the Hot Tub

When entering and leaving the hot tub, be aware of the hot tub control panel, the audio system & other extras on your hot tub (drinks trays, towel rails, pop up speakers).  Placing feet and weight on these parts could cause damage.

Check & Clean The Filters Regularly

4. Check & Clean The Filters Regularly

Filters are easy to remove and cleaning takes only a few minutes. Also with a cloth always wipe away any build-up around the sides of the hot tub and behind headrests regularly.

Products such as filter cleaner help to keep filters clean & its also a good idea to buy a spare filter and rotate filters to keep the hot tub fresh plus give longevity to the filters. 

Filters should be changed annually.  

Headrests Are Removed

5. Remove Headrests

The chemicals in a hot tub can erode the headrests if not removed & kept underneath the spa cover.

This link shows how to easily remove headrests without causing damage  

Check Water Balance

7. Check Water Balance Before Entering The Hot Tub

Always check the water balance as regular as possible. Checking the water balance before using the hot tub is compulsory.

Find A Good Supplier Of Water Chemicals In Your Area

9. Buy Good Chemicals

Always look to buy good quality chemicals, the most popular options are to either stock bromine or chlorine, the difference can be seen on this link 

Also, buy and maintain a good level of chemicals so there is no shortage. There is nothing worse than a weekend of a party or gathering and you realise a sanitiser has run out! 

Hot tub chemicals are not always as available as other household products so always keep them stocked up. 

Use The Economy & Sleep Modes

10. Use The Economy & Sleep Modes Available On The Hot Tub System

All our hot tubs are equipped with modes to protect the hot tub & your pocket so please take advantage & use the modes available.

When the hot tub is in use, you need the hot tub functioning, but when not in use the economy & sleep modes are there to protect the hot tub and also get the running costs down.

Clean & Shock The Hot tub Once a Week

11. Clean & Shock The Hot Tub Once a Week

Clean the hot tub by wiping edges and headrest plus spa cover. Also, a very good product to use every week is shock treatment which is a once a week dosage of an oxidiser which helps keep the spa clean and clear.

We have developed a weekly maintenance video which can be viewed on our YouTube channel.

Look After Your Spa Cover

12. Maintain Spa Cover 

  • Clean the spa cover regularly with weekly wipe-downs (see our 7-day maintenance video).
  •  During the 12-week flush clean the spa cover & turn the spa cover upside down to let the inside of the spa cover which always faces the water be open to the elements to allow it to dry naturally.
  • Use economy modes on the hot tub as suggested in our energy efficiency page so water is not constantly at the maximum temperature which again will give maximum strain on the spa cover.
  • Maintain a level & consistent chemical water balance as imperfect chemical balances can affect the spa cover.
  • When applying chemicals, always leave the spa cover open for a minimum of 30 minutes to let the chemicals work without entrapment. 



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