Hot Tub Sinking Advice

Everyone has different ideas on how to landscape their gardens & built the surrounding areas around the hot tubs / swim spas  they buy, we have indeed some great images of buyers designs on our customer reviews page on our website.

One idea for customers is to lower the hot tub or swim spa low into the ground so it has the sunken look, with levels differing from 30cm to 100 drop in some cases.

This idea is very nice and attractive but there is allot of details which must be noted so this idea will not only be attractive but also practical to the long term use of the hot tub

We have devised a 6 project pointers to help you prepare for a successful sunken hot tub project :

1. Make sure you know the exact dimensions of the hot tub

2. Make sure you know where the power & drain points are on the hot tub.

3. Make sure the hole /space you excavated has extra space on all sides so there is access for service and maintenance in the future ( very important )

4. Use of thick heavy duty lifting straps under the hot tub to help lift the hot tub if required at a later time.

5. After the hot tub is lowered, make sure when you re assemble the surrounding area with care & attention to ensure easy access to the hot tubs again for future service and maintenance. (don't cement over it !!!)

6. please check at monthly intervals the hot tub under the surface to ensure everything is in working order and that there is not sign of rodents or other outdoor animals.

The key is to think not only for the present , but for the future and you new hot tub will be both attractive and practical.

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