PH Level Advice

To maintain a consistant pH level is a very important detail in hot tub water chemistry & to keep the hot tub in perfect condition.

We have simplified the issues of a low or high pH to make it clear what the risks are & how to combat plus restore the right chemical balances.

The lower a pH reading, the more acidic & oxygen-starved the water is. 

The higher the pH reading, the more alkaline & oxygen-rich it is.

pH is measured on a scale of 0-14: anything below 7 is acidic, anything over 7 is alkaline.

The best pH reading is between 7.2 to 7.6 


Low PH


  • Acidic water is corrosive.
  • Can cause skin irritation.
  • Has a negative effect on the work of the sanitisers.
  • It will corrode metal equipment & parts of the hot tub.
  • Will cause etching on the hot tub surface & blistering
  • Strips the body of its natural oils causing dry, cracked, or flaky skin.
High PH


  • Will cause scale build-up on the hot tub surface.
  • Will cause scaling on plumbing equipment.
  • Can cause cloudy water.
  • Has a negative effect on the work of the sanitisers.
How To Control PH Levels


  • Test water balance before using the hot tub to monitor pH levels
  • If pH is low, then add the product pH Plus 
  • If pH is high, then add the product pH Minus


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