Spa Cover Care Advice:

With the glorious summer we have enjoyed becoming a faded memory, we have seen the first sighters of autumn with cold mornings & dark evenings.

When the weather gets cooler, the hot tub for many users will become more popular so all aspects of maintenance must be adhered to.

One detail we have written about in our maintenance advice page which seems to be ignored is the guide to the maintenance of the insulated spa cover.

The spa cover is the barrier between the hot tub & the heat of the summer plus the harshness of the winter, it takes a barrage from both extremes so therefore needs to be maintained just as much as the hot tub itself.

With the hot tub constantly on & therefore producing steam, the inside of the spa cover will constantly meet a vapoured mist of chemicals from inside the hot tub. The outside of the hot tub will endure a constant coating of leaves, dust & dirt swept in by wind, rain & lowering temperatures.

Cleaning the outer & inner of the spa cover weekly will help remove the inner layers of steam stained chemicals, plus remove all unwanted remnants from the surface, this will promote a healthy spa cover & prevent the cover from getting dirty & heavy.

When applying chemicals always allow the spa cover to be open for 30 mins after application to let chemicals work without entrapment.

The points are summerised below :

  • Clean the spa cover regularly with weekly wipe downs (see our 7-day maintenance video).
  •  During the 12-week flush clean the spa cover & turn the spa cover upside down to let the inside of the spa cover which always faces the water be open to the elements to allow it to dry naturally.
  • Use economy modes on the hot tub as suggested in our energy efficiency page so water is not constantly at the maximum temperature which again will give maximum strain on the spa cover.
  • Maintain a level & consistent chemical water balance as imperfect chemical balances can affect the spa cover.
  • When applying chemicals, always leave the spa cover open for a minimum of 30 minutes to let the chemicals work without entrapment.

Products which can be bought to also improve spa cover maintenance would be our multipurpose surface cleaner which works excellently on spa covers plus our Cosy Spa blankets which gives protection to the outside of the hot tub from wind, rain & cold weather.

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