Hot Tub Efficiency Advice

Follow The 10 Point Plan For Running An Energy Efficient Hot Tub

Insulated Cabinets

Look For : Insulated Cabinets

As the cabinet completely surrounds the hot tub, poor insulation will haemorrhage heat & therefore give more pressure on the heater to maintain temperature.

Good insulation of the hot tub cabinet will ensure that heat will not easily escape & keep energy consumption to an acceptable level.

Before ordering a hot tub ensure internal cabinet images are seen or even request internal cabinet swatches. 

Insulated High Density Foam Shell

Look For : Insulated High Density Foam Shell

The first line of heat retention is of course via a strong shell with a thick high-density foam.  

To insulate a multiple layered shell with a deep foam is a time consuming & dextrous process this can be overlooked by many brands & hot tub companies.

Before ordering a hot tub ensure internal shell images are seen or even request shell & foam swatches.

Insulated Foam Cover

Look For : Insulated Foam Cover

A thick insulated foam cover which has a gradient to let water seep off is a must for any quality hot tub. 

The width has to be minimum 9cm on the edge and 12 cm in the centre if not more.

Smaller & thinner hot tub covers will not retain heat plus will have a shorter lifespan.

A quality hot tub cover will also be equipped with lockable straps to each side to aid insulation plus provide safety. 

Cost Effective Energy Supplier

Look For : Cost Effective Energy Supplier

The market is full of energy suppliers plus websites where comparisons between each supplier can be completed in matter of minutes. 

Study the market & look for the right supplier which suit your circumstances.

checking costs & comparing suppliers is very quick & easy with positive results of genuine savings on your energy bills.

Invest In The Right Spa Systems

Invest In The Right Spa Systems

The investment of strong insulation around the hot tub would be worthless with a poor spa management system.

A reliable spa system will monitor the temperature, filter periods, pumps & heaters effectively & efficiently thus again helping to reduce costs.

World renowned & respected companies such as the Balboa Water Group are at the forefront of spa system design & innovation.

The range stretches from single pump systems with modes such as standard & economy (ready & rest) to systems aided by WIFI technology so the user can

be in control of the hot tub remotely which again gives more control & therefore more efficiency.

Use Economy Modes

Use Economy Modes

Most quality hot tubs have a choice of modes:

Standard - Economy - Sleep  or  Ready Mode - Rest Mode

These models would not be designed with these features if they was not worthwhile, so please use them! 

You wouldn't keep your car running when parked, you wouldn't keep the oven on after food is cooked, so when the hot tub is not in use it would be

advisable to utilise the economy & rest modes to enable more efficiency & enable the insulation of the hot tub to take effect & retain heat within the

hot tub without constant strain on the heater.




Hot Tub Location

Hot Tub Location

Accurate planning of the location of the hot tub is a valuable way to make the hot tub more efficient to run.

Hot tubs are located in many different areas & situations for example a hot tub on an open field with no shelter or wind breaks would be more prone to need more power to keep temperature than a hot tub situated under a roof or sunken or within a summer house or conservatory.

When planning the project consider location to enable the best possible location for views, access & efficiency. 



Use Filter Modes

Use Filter Modes

Filter modes are present on all quality hot tubs, the filter modes enables the user to select the time of the filtration of the hot tub which will normally happen twice a day.

When the hot tub filters, the spa system will also monitor the temperature & if the temperature is below the thermostat set level then the heater will come on.

This feature is handy for when planning the times you use the hot tub. If you have a set time when you normally use the hot tub, for example 7pm in the evening - an idea would be to set the filter time from 5pm to 7pm & this will heat & filter the hot tub so it’s ready to use at 7pm. 

As you get to know your hot tub you will know how long it takes to reach temperature & therefore set the filter period accordingly. 

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