Spa Cover Radius

Our quality hot tub covers are designed to cover & insulate the hot tub with a secure fit that ensure no heat is lost whilst maintaining its supreme protection.

The measurements for a hot tub cover are same measurements for the hot tub in question, but one measurement which is important & not as obvious is the hot tub radius.

All square or rectangular hot tubs have rounded corners, the radius on a hot tub is a measurement taken from the start of the curve on the corner to the point where the points would meet if they were not curved.

Confused? Well the image above will explain all.

This detail would be required if replacing a hot tub cover where all measurements would be required to supply the correct fitting spa cover.

We supply spa covers

Where the drop down menu ensures an easy & complete order process. If however you are unware for the model name then measurements such as the radius specification is important information to ensure the correct spa cover is ordered & supplied.

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