Hot Tub Q&A

All your Hot tub and general questions are answered below but if you have a question which is not mentioned below, please call us on 0116 2513378 or email to receive our immediate reply.

Q :- I have an enquiry, when is a good time to call?

A :- We take enquiries 7 days per week, even after hours you can leave a message & you will be contacted straight way.


Q :-  Can we come & see a hot tub before ordering?

A :- Yes of course - We display our models at Greenacres Garden Centre which is open 7 days a week

Viewings of our range of hot tubs can be also arranged at our distribution centre.

For more details see the come & see us section of the website.


Q :- Looking for a reliable hot tub is like a minefield, what are the points to look to find the right supplier?

A :- Just like any product research, look for as much trust as possible in the supplier such as good reviews for product and service and make sure they are BISHTA members.


Q :- Everyone promises good after sales service, why are you different?

A :-  We have worked very hard for the customer reviews received plus we are the only hot tub company to have a video portfolio of over 200 videos, of which 90% are solely for the customers giving tips and advice on using the hot tubs they have ordered. We have realised allot of buyers always find keeping the water clean and clear tricky at first so allot of effort has been made in designed the videos to make this process of water balance and maintenance trouble free.


Q :- We hear stories of hot tub dealers with no spare parts in case anything goes wrong, is this true?

A :- No all the models & designs are made from the same generic components so spare parts are not a problem, also note that Zspas are a long time established and respected supplier of spas worldwide since 1999 with a multimillion dollar turnover and strong infrastructure. We also now stock spare parts with a wide range of jets , headrests & hot tub extras.

We also use parts from Balboa & LX who are worldwide repsected brands.


Q : - Some Hot Tubs on the internet are really cheap & some are the opposite, what is the difference?

A :- Just like cars where although they all have 4 wheels prices can vary from £4,000 to £100,000, hot tubs are similar.

Hot tubs are also different with quality of shell, investment in good insulation, a relaible & modern spa system, steamlined pipework, efficient hydrotherapy pumps & jets all having a bearing on the final price of a hot tub. 

Unfortunately we do see a few traders in the industry who order hot tubs, create a cheap website or sell via social network or an online market place to make a quick profit & disapear with the consumers left with badly made hot tubs with warranty issues. 

Some times prices can be too good to be true & in recent years we have witnessed examples of the above taken place so avoid issues invest in a BISHTA member.

The Hot Tub industry watchdog is BISHTA & its members must follow a strict code of conduct to ensure consumers can buy with confidence. 

The cost for membership is not high but the standards to qualify for BISHTA are high, so prices will still be of value with the added peace of mind.

“The Standards and training set by our Association are arguably the best in the world. So when you make your purchase, buy with confidence from a BISHTA member.”

- Chris Hayes, BISHTA Managing Director


Q : - How many inches in a foot?

A :- 1 foot = 12 inches = 30.48cm   

       1 inch = 2.54cm

We have numerous conversations on garden and doorway and gateway sizes, so these measurements and data is really important for when we discuss your delivery requirements.

Click here for an online conversion calculators.


Q :- Does the hot tub arrive ready assembled?

A :- Yes - only the steps are not assembled. 


Q :- After my hot tub is delivered what else do I need to arrange before we can start to use it?

 A :- After the hot tub is delivered and rightfully placed, all that is required is the electrical supply (download the brochure for your hot tub for the power required for each model), chemicals (either chorine or bromine). Please make sure you use a qualified electrician for all electrical work.

We have designed a Video Channel dedicated to all our systems with practical tips & advice to help all parts hot tub.


Q : - What is the difference between chlorine & bromine?

 A :-  To decide which is the best chemical to use for the hot tub read our section on bromine or chlorine ?


Q : What is the difference between 13amp and 32 amp hot tubs?

A : 13amp hot tubs are assembled with a 2kw heater as opposed to a 3kw heater in a 32amp hot tub. 

      13amp hot tubs are only used on single pump systems whilst 32 amp can be used single and multiple pump systems.

      13amp would take longer to heat water as they have lower kw heater and therefore use more energy to heat up .


Q :-  I'm not sure if my garden / home has the right access to get a hot tub in, how can I be sure?

A :- If you have any doubts on the access for delivery of a hot tub, please call us on 0116 251 3378 and even better email us images of the dilemmas to Our team has seen most scenarios for placements so we can give the right advice.

We now also have a SMS service on 07740 900 197 where images can be sent direct to his number for even quicker communication and interaction.

Also we have also designed the hot tub preparation video which will give valuable assistance.


Q:- We are thinking to sink my hot tub below ground, what advice do you have?

A :- The best advice we can give is to ensure when sinking the hot tub , is to have a  " what if " scenario in your thinking, we have written an article on sinking hot tubs with useful points & ideas   


Q :- What else do I need to do to prepare for a hot tub?

A :- Aswell as the video we have a hot tub preparation section with lots of help and advice for the perfect hot tub project.


Q :- We have a hot tub with cloudy water, can you give some advice ? 

A :- Cloudy water is normally the result of dirty water from users who have not washed or take precautions in advance of using the hot tub. Try to ensure all users are free of components which could be washed off when impacted with water such as make up, perfumes, aftershaves etc.

For more help see our video on the subject.


Q :- Can you give us some maintenance tips for the up keep of the hot tub ?

A :- Yes of course, please refer to our page on hot tub maintenance for plenty of tips and advice.


Q :- I have a hot tub for commerical use, do you have a poster or message to use to give guidance to the users?

A :- Yes we have designed a health & safety poster, please feel free to print if off & use it. 


Q :- Are your hot tubs connected by single or triple phase for the electrical connection? 

A :- All of our Hot Tubs are single phase



Q :-Is it better to lots of jets on a hot tub, is allot of jets the sign of a good hot tub  ?

A :- No , the more jets on a shell , the more holes and the weaker the shell becomes , with jets it is quality & not quantity which is important.

all our hot tubs have a Jets / HP of 10 or below to give the best hydrotherapy experience. 

For example Poseidon BP Deluxe : 60 jets / 3 x 3hp = 9HP  so  the Jets / HP ratio is 60 /9 = 6.6 


Q :- Do you still have a question remaining unanswered?

A :- Please email us or call us on 0116 2513378 for more help & advice 


Need some help or advice? Call 0116 251 3378 or email us at



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