Platinum Hot Tub Servicing

Please note that a once a year a hot tub service is required for most warranty agreements whether with Hot Tub Suppliers or other dealers.

The below platinum service is available for all HTS buyers & other hot tub owners in Leicestershire area at the introductory rate of just £199.

If you need your hot tub servicing please send us an enquiry stating your name, address & hot tub model. 

A member of the team will contact you to discuss the relevant service for your hot tub & book a date and time for the engineer.

Flush Spa

Flush The Hot Tub 

After a long period of heavy use, your hot tub will build up a layer of dirt and grime that will sit in the pipe work unnoticed (the parts you don't use).

This product helps clean inside the pipe work plus give a fresh alpine scent. 

Empty Clean Rinse & Vacuum Spa

Empty : Clean : Rinse : Vacuum 

We will drain the spa and then set about cleaning the hot tub inside and outside.

We also vacuum the underneath of the hot tub as well.



Check & Clean Filters

Check & Clean Filters 


Filters are placed to soak in cleaning solution while all other tasks are performed. They are also checked in case new filters may be needed at an additional cost.  

Check & Clean Jets

Check & Clean Jets 

Every effort is made to clear each individual water jet of grit and dirt to ensure that the jets can be moved freely and are as close to original performance level as possible.


Check Pumps for Abnormal Noise & Performance

Check Pumps & Components For Abnormal Noise 

Spa components maybe functioning normally but signs of deterioration can be detected by abnormal noise or movements.

We will monitor any situation & react as necessary.



Check Internal Pipework for Leaks & Kinks

Check Internal Pipework For Leak & Kinks 

We will remove the cabinets and check the underside of the hot tub for any leaks or kinks in the pipework

Again, we will act as necessary to any issues.


Check Pumps & Components For Traces Of Scale

Check Major Components For Traces of Scale 

Scale can easily build up if unnoticed .  

We will examine all components and remove any traces of scale if detected.

Major Components Electrically Tested

Major Components Performance Checks

All pumps, blowers and other major components are electronically measured for performance and each component is inspected for wear and tear.




Inspect & Tighten Unions

Inspect & Tighten Unions 

There are many unions underneath each hot tub, loose unions will develop future leaks and issues with the functioning of the hot tub so it's important for them to inspected and tightened when appropriate.

Refill the Hot Tub With Fresh Water

Refill Hot Tub with Fresh Water 

We will refill the hot tub, replace the filters back in the housing. 

Make sure there is adequate water pressure for this task please.

Prime All Pumps of Air

Prime The Hot Tub 

After hot tub is filled with water, we will prime the pumps removing any air pockets, set temperature and filter cycles to customer's preference.


Shock Dose Spa

Shock Dose The Hot Tub 

Fast dissolving and the perfect cleanser for your hot tub. Non Chlorine Shock is a (oxidiser) treatment that retains the spas clear and sparkling look as well as destroying odours and wastes from usage. 

Suitable for both hot tub owners using bromine or chlorine



Check Water Balance

Check Water Balance 

Finally we will check the water balance of the water and give any guidance or advice on chemicals or general hot tub related question you may have.


Advise Customer on Repairs Required If Any

Advise The Customer 

On inspection of the hot tub if we see any faults or potential faults this will be disclosed to the customers for review. 

If additional repair is required, we will only carry out any additional repair if consented by the customer as this may involve additional cost on site.

If major work is required then we may need to visit again at a later date which can be booked in with the engineer present. 

Checklist Points & Comments

Final Checklist 

Complete check list, discuss any points on the service with the buyer & any helpful tips & advice to keep the hot tub clean and clear plus working efficiently in the future.



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