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Hot Tub Thermal Spa Cover

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Made from a premium grade PU, the HTS spa covers are resistant to the harshness of the winter plus warmth of summer with particular resistance to heat, water & UV.

Inside The PU material lies the high-density EPS foam, Expanded PolyStyrene insulation is lightweight, rigid with closed cell insulation which is strong, stable, energy efficient & thermal resistant.

The EPS also has inertness to chemicals.

To give the foam added strength an aluminium alloy frame in also inserted to inside the cover to keep shape & strength.

Each cover has secure clips with locks for wind resistance & safety plus handles which aid in the movement of the cover.

The spa cover tapers to allow water to drain away with the size of 9 to 12cm which compares favourably alongside most spa covers.


What Size do I Need?


150cm x 120cm : Hera Deluxe

195cm x 170cm : Zeus Deluxe

236cm x 206cm :  Dynasty, Renaissance

200cm x 200cm : Countesa, Countesa Deluxe, Pontus BP Deluxe, Revive

200cm x 200cm Round  :  Olympus 

210cm x 180cm : Viscount 

210cm x 210cm  : Duke, Baron, Duke Deluxe, Baron Pro, Allure, Cleo

220cm x 220cm : Perseus BP Deluxe, Apollo BP Deluxe, Imperium

226cm x 226cm : Duchess, Radiance, Monarch

256cm x 226cm : Emperor BP Deluxe

230cm x 230cm : Athena BP Deluxe

239cm x 239cm Round : Lord 

255cm x 230cm : Poseidon BP Deluxe

300cm x 226cm :  Princess


None of these sizes?  if not then we have a made to measure service where we will make your size for £449 inc Courier for UK orders.


What is the Radius?

The radius is the measurement on the corner of the spa cover from where the curve starts.

All square or rectangular hot tub have curved corners. 

We have attached a diagram to explain what the radius is for reference.


Want Your Own Size Made?

If your spa cover is in need of replacing and is not one of the brands above, just email the size and radius required & we can make to the specification 



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