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£5,495 Free Platinum Package

LED Ambient Enlightment

LED ambient illumination is a feature which Prince hot tubs possess in abundance.

These extras create a relaxing yet sophisticated atmospere when resting in the hot tub.

From fountains, surround lights to prism cup holder spot lights - these features are mulicoloured to create a visibly strong light show both during the dayime or evening.


Balboa Control Panel

Bright and clear, the easy to use interface allows full control of the management of the Olympus Pro 


Balboa Bluetooth Audio

The most advanced Bluetooth system to date, the marine BBA2 system is concealed within the hot tub and can be connected via any smart or android device.

Designed by Balboa Water Group, this patented design delivers a crisp & clear sound with same efficiency & reliability one would expect from Balboa.

The player can also be controlled via the control panel of the Prince hot tub with the artist & song selection displayed on SpaTouch panel.

Easy to connect & easy to use, the BBA2 is the only audio which could befit the Olympus Pro tub.


Contoured Comfort

Comfortable, deep & spacious, each seat on the Olympus Pro hot tub is structured to create the complete spa experience.

The round open bench seating is spacious for comfort for all shapes and sizes 

Contoured lines merge both body & surface together with the added depth that the Olympus Pro offers - the highest quality of relaxation are achieved.

All Olympus Pro models are 94cm deep.




Insulated Acrylic Shell


Our multi-layered acrylic shell is a fusion of marine grade resin combined with fibreglass alongside pure vinyl ester finished with an acrylic outer which is durable & thick & available in a multitude of premium colours.

Layer 1 – Top Acrylic Finish

Layer 2 – Pure Vinyl Ester

Layers 3-4-5-6 – Marine Grade Resin Combined With Fibreglass.

The shell is then coated in a high density foam for added strength & insulation ( see above ) 

The acrylic shell comes with a 3 year warranty.


12cm Deep Thermal Spa Cover

  1. Secure Lockable Clips
  2. Heavy-Duty Handle
  3. Protective Inner Lining
  4. EPS Foam
  5. Aluminium Alloy Frame
  6. Corrosion Proof Zip
  7. Detailed Stitched Skirt
  8. High-Quality Marine Grade PU
  9. Fold 
  10. Tapered Water Drainage Design

Made from a senior grade PU, the HTS spa cover is resistant to the harshness of the winter plus warmth of summer with particular resistance to Heat, Water & UV. The PU material lies the high-density EPS foam.

Expanded PolyStyrene (EPS) insulation is lightweight, rigid with closed-cell insulation which is strong, stable, energy-efficient & thermal resistant.

The EPS also has inertness to chemicals.

To give the foam added strength an aluminium alloy frame is also inserted to inside the cover to keep shape and strength.

Each cover has secure clips with locks for wind resistance & safety, plus handles which aid in the movement of the cover.

The spa cover tapers to allow water to drain away with the size of 9 to 12cm which compares favourably alongside most spa covers.



Single Water Filtration

Filtration is used to separate unwanted particles from the water to maintain a smooth flow of water.

Contaminated / dirty water would hinder the water flow of the spa & cause issues with the function of the hot tub.

Filtration is therefore important to keep the water clean plus aid the smooth running of the hot tub

Our programmable filtration system allows full control of the filtration process with the twin filter system of the Olympus Pro working in tandem to prevent the passage of any unwanted solid particles.

The filter is easy to access, even easier to remove & replace to enable easy maintenance. 


Water Divertors


All Olympus Pro models are fitted with Water diverters

Ensure you enjoy the maximum hydrotherapy by using the Olympus Pro water diverters to direct water to where you are sitting for increased power & performance.



Enhanced Insulation

The Olympus Pro uses a closed cell high density foam to insulate the base of the shell.

This keeps the heat within the hot tub & helps save money on energy costs.

The high density foam also increases strength to the structure.

The synthetic wood cabinet is triple insulated & alongside the hard wearing thick base & thermal spa cover , the Olympus Pro has 360 degrees of protection.

All hot tubs are built with stainless steel frames as well for extra stature & quality.

To view a video on the insulation click this link 


Award Winning Hydrotherapy Jets

The Prince has a wide variety of hydrotherapy, legend jets, specifically designed & positioned to deliver massage & relief.

Each jet is lined with a stainless steel surround for added luxury & distinction.

Hot Tub Suppliers are British Gold Award Winners in both 2016, 2017 & 2018 of Hot Tub Health Benefits which only illustrates the quality of the jets plus

pumps in this hot tub range.

The Prince Hydrotherapy experience includes specially positioned massage jets for back, shoulder, feet, legs, hamstrings, calfs & back of knee


Pure Water Ozone

Ozone is the electronic sanitation of spa water.

The Pure Water Ozone System works within the framework of the hot tub to eliminate bacteria, virus & unwanted microorganisms.

Odour free, PH neutral & silent, the Pure Water Ozone is a reliable & efficient sanitiser which reduces the need for chemicals in the hot tub.




Plug & Play

Easy to set up & prepare.

The Olympus Pro hot tub is a plug & play model so can be operated from a standard 13amp supply.

So, there is no need for an installation from an electrician & the hot tub versatile for either inside or outside use.

Each Olympus Pro hot tub comes with a complimentary plug & cable.

The Olympus Pro can also be upgraded to a 32amp version if preferred.


MODEL Olympus Pro
Dimensions 200 x 200 x 94cm
Contoured Seats 5
Total Power 13AMP
Plug & Play
Control System Balboa BP 601
Balboa Bluetooth Audio
Premium Sound Speakers 2
LED Lights
Filtration System Single
High Density Insulated Foam
Enhanced Insulated Synthetic Wood Cabinet
12cm Deep Thermal Spa Cover
Lockable Insulated Spa Cover
Enhanced ABS Insulated Base
Durable Weatherproof Steps
Back Massage Jet
Foot Massage
Shoulder Massage
Total Jets 30
3.5" Rotating Storm Hydrotherapy Jets 4
3.5" Directional Storm Hydrotherapy Jets 3
5" Rotating Storm Hydrotherapy Jets 1
2" Directional Storm Hydrotherapy Jets 20
3.5" Reflex Foot Massage Jet 2
Whirlpool Pump 3HP
Water Circluation Pump 0.35HP
Balboa Heater 2KW
Dedicated Drinks Area
Water Diverter Valves 1
Dry Weight 300
Water Capacity 1000
Free Cover & Steps


The Olympus Pro 

5 Seats : Plug & Play : Surrounded Style

The Olympus Pro is a plug & play circular hot tub that arrives complete with 5 seats within its 200cm x 200cm frame.

Under the multiple layered acrylic shell lies a high density insulated foam cradled by a strong stainless-steel frame for extra protection and structure.

The Olympus Pro is designed to be compatible for any number of users from 1 to 5 with a water diverter skilfully set to adjust water pressure & direction to give the maximum hydrotherapy.

The hydrotherapy is delivered courtesy of 30 finely tuned jets fuelled by a 1 x 3HP massage pump. The massage area vary from shoulder to feet & results in the impressive jets/HP ratio of 10. 

The hot tub is reliably & efficiently orchestrated by a spa system designed by the world-renowned Balboa Water Group.


Also Olympus Pro models are equipped with improved & enhanced insulation to cabinet plus the 12cm deep thermal spa cover is unique amongst other brands. Insulation plus the benefits of the effortless Balboa BP system create a superior level of hot tub efficiency.

Other standard features of the Olympus Pro consist of a double filtration system & pure water ozone system to help keep water clean & safe.

Entertainment is provided courtesy of the impressive Balboa Bluetooth Audio BBA which when merged with LED lights create the perfect ambiance.

The Olympus Pro is a 5-seater plug & play or 32amp hot tub. The model is modern, efficient & with a 3hp massage pump & divertors - there is no spin.

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