Fit For a King 

The New Poseidon BP Deluxe  : Size is Everything 

The Poseidon is named after the Greek King of the seas which is unsurprising when you consider the size of the Poseidon Deluxe is 230cm x 255cm x 100 high.

Just like all Zspas models, the Poseidon Deluxe is blessed with a multiple layered acrylic shell under which a high density insulated foam cradled by a strong stainless steel frame for extra protection & structure lie.

Shielded behind the synthetic wood cabinet lies an enhanced insulation for great efficiency & protection.

The hydrotherapy is delivered courtesy of 60 finely tuned stainless steel jets fuelled by a 3 x 3HP massage pumps. Poseidon Deluxe has a staggering ratio of jets per HP of 6.67.

The hot tub is reliably & efficiently organised by a BP spa system & 3KW heater designed by the world respected Balboa Water Group.



The BP system is the most foremost in the Balboa spa system range & presents total control for the user.

Extra features of the Poseidon Deluxe consist of water pressure adjustment, filtration system plus LED surround lights, waterfall & Bluetooth audio for the perfect mood enhancement.

With 1580 litres water capacity, the Poseidon Deluxe has plenty of room for movement within the 5 seats & 1 lounger design including arm rests for the ultimate comfort. 

Immense size, immense comfort & a comfortable price, the Poseidon is a gentle giant.

To complete the Poseidon Deluxe, Complimentary steps & spa cover are included with the list price.

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Oak Brown Cabinet
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Midnight Grey Cabinet

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£5,595 Free Delivery


  • Balboa Heater 3 KW
  • Headrest: 4
  • Thermostat
  • Water Level Detector
  • Water Volume 1580 Litres
  • Stainless Steel Trims
  • Power 230v/ 7Kw / 32 amp
  • 60 Hydrotherapy Jets
  • LED Surround Lights
  • High Density Insulation Foam
  • Bluetooth MP3 Audio System
  • Size: 255 x 230 x 100cm
  • Fully Insulated Cabinet
  • Advanced Drain System 
  • Stainless Steel Frame
  • Insulated Hardwearing Base
  • Programmable Filtration
  • Freeze Protection
  • Dry Weight: 350kg
  • Ozone Disinfection
  • Whirlpool Pump 3 x 3HP
  • Water Circulation Pump
  • Air Control Valves : 4
  • Seats : 5 Adults & 1 Lounger
  • Size 255 230 x 100cm
  • Balboa BP Control System
  • Jet /HP Ratio: 6.6
  • Enhanced Insulation
  • Free Delivery & Placement
  • Complimentary Steps
  • Complimentary Spa Cover
  • 5 Year Warranty
  • 24/7 Interactive Support

Contoured Comfort

Comfortable, deep & spacious, each seat & lounger on a hot tub is structured to create the complete spa experience.

Contoured lines merge both body & surface together and also with the added depth than ZSpa models offer, the highest quality of relaxation is acheived.




Thermal Spa Cover

  1. Secure Lockable Clips
  2. Heavy Duty Handle
  3. Protective Inner Lining
  4. EPS Foam
  5. Aluminium Alloy Frame
  6. Corrosion Proof Zip
  7. Detailed Stitched Skirt
  8. High Quality Marine Grade PU
  9. Fold
  10. Tapered Water Drainage Design

Made from a senior grade PU, the HTS spa cover is resistant to harshness of the winter plus warmth of summer with particular resistance to Heat, Water & UV. Inside The PU material lies the high density EPS foam.

Expanded PolyStyrene (EPS) insulation is lightweight, rigid with closed cell insulation which is strong, stable, energy efficient & thermal resistant.

The EPS also has inertness to chemicals.

To give the foam added strength an aluminium alloy frame is also inserted to inside the cover to keep shape and strength.

Each cover has secure clips with locks for wind resistance & safety, plus handles which aid in the movement of the cover.

The spa cover tapers to allow water to drain away with the size of 9 to 12cm which compares favourably alongside most spa covers.



LED Ambient Enlightment

LED ambient illumination is a feature on all of the models in the range of hot tubs.

These extras create a relaxing yet sophisticated atmospere when resting in the hot tub.

From waterfall to fountains, from surround lights to prism spot lights - these features are mulicoloured to create a visibly strong light show both during the dayime or evening.


Insulated Acrylic Shell


Our multi-layered acrylic shell is a fusion of marine grade resin combined with fibreglass alongside pure vinyl ester finished with an acrylic outer which is durable & thick & available in a multitude of premium colours.

Layer 1 – Top Acrylic Finish

Layer 2 – Pure Vinyl Ester

Layers 3-4-5-6 – Marine Grade Resin Combined With Fibreglass.

The shell is then coated in a high density foam for added strength & insulation ( see above ) 

The acrylic shell comes with a 5 year warranty.


Award Winning Hydrotherapy Jets

Each hot tub has a wide variety of hydrotherapy jets, specifically designed & positioned to deliver massage & relief.

Each jet is lined with a stainless steel surround for added luxury & distinction.

Hot Tub Suppliers are British Gold Award Winners in both 2016, 2017 & 2018 of Hot Tub Health Benefits which only illustrates the quality of the jets plus pumps in this hot tub range.


Water Filtration

Filtration is used to separate unwanted particles from the water to maintain a smooth flow of water.

Contaminated / dirty water would hinder the water flow of the spa & cause issues with the function of the hot tub.

Filtration is therefore important to keep the water clean plus aid the smooth running of the hot tub

Our programmable filtration system allows full control of the filtration process with the twin filter system of the Poseidon BP Deluxe working in tandem to prevent the passage of any unwanted solid particles.

The filter is easy to access, even easier to remove & replace to enable easy maintenance.


MP3 Bluetooth

Performance is our obsession from our jets to systems and also includes the Bluetooth audio of the Baron hot tub.

The objective is very simple, to deliver music the way it was intended.

Clean & clear sound with an easy to use interface with control via a smart phone or tablet enabling an unmatched combination of comfort and stability.


Balboa Control Panel

The Balboa Water Group design & product the best spa systems in the world.

The Posiedon BP Deluxe is controlled via a Balboa top panel, heater & internal control board.

Easy to use & efficient, the control system also features programmable filtration plus economy modes to maintain complete control of the Spa.


Enhanced Insulation

The hot tub range uses a closed cell high density foam to insulate the base of the shell. This keeps the heat within the hot tub & helps save money on energy costs. The high density foam also increases strength to the structure.

All hot tubs are built with stainless steel frames as well for extra stature and quality.


MODEL Poseidon BP Deluxe
Dimensions 255 x 230 x 100
Total Power 32AMP
Contoured Seats 5
Loungers 1
Control System Balboa BP
Balboa WIFI Adapter Optional
MP3 Bluetooth Audio
Premium Sound Speakers 2
Pure Water Ozone Disinfection
Filtration System Double
High Density Insulated Foam
Enhanced Insulated Synthetic Wood Cabinet
Lockable Insulated Spa Cover
Enhanced ABS Base
Durable Weatherproof Steps
Calf & Hamstring Massage
Shoulder Massage
Foot Massage Jets
Back Massage Jets
Total Jets 60
4" Directional Daydream Hydroherapy Jet 7
4" Rotating Storm Hydrotherapy Jet 8
2" Rotating Storm Hydrotherapy Jet 14
2" Directional Daydream Hydroherapy Jet 31
Foot Massage Bay
Neck Massage Bay
LED Surround Lights
LED Waterfall
Air Control Valves 4
Relaxing Headrests 4
Whirlpool Pump 3 x 3HP
Water Circulation Pump 0.75HP
Heater 3KW Balboa M7
Dry Weight 375KG
Water Capacity 1580 Litres

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