Hot Tub Dandruff

Hot Tub Dandruff

Hot tubs are easy to use & maintain, the videos & articles we write & design on 7- & 12-week maintenance are basically following the same guidelines as cleaning any household item.

Cleaning the waterline, adding non chlorine shock to the hot tub, checking & cleaning the filter are simple & quick tasks which enable safe & clean water for everyone.

To ignore these tasks over a period of time will cause a build up of scum & limescale not just on the waterline but also internally in the pipework which we call hot tub dandruff.

These internal deposits are only freed when we service the hot tub, the build-up is removed in bulk during the service but some partials may still be visible after the service day as they gradually remove themselves from the pipework.

Each time the jets are ran they will loosen and remove them selfs from the pipework & be visible in the hot tub.

This will show the service & treatment has done its job but also that more care and attention is required to routine maintenance.

As mentioned previously the build up is a mix of limescale, lotions & powders all merged together which during the service become dislodged & removed.

These particles will be collected via the filter or by use of water clarifier & no scale

Videos on 7- & 12-weeks maintenance can be found in our video gallery plus water clarifier & no scale products can be found on the essentials page of the Hot Tub Suppliers website

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