Perfect Balance Chemicals

Perfect Balance Chemicals

From this month we are pleased to be stocking a new range of hot tub chemical & cleaning products under the Perfect Balance brand

The Perfect Balance range consists of essential sanitisers such as Stabilising Chlorine Granules, Bromine Tablets & Non Chlorine Shock plus balancing agents such as Alkalinity Builder, Dechlorinator & PH Plus & Minus.

The Cleaning products include Antifoam, Algaecide, Pool Clarifier, Waterline Cleaner, Non Scale, Filter Cleaner plus the outstanding Hot Tub Flush.

Items can be bought individually online plus we also have price saving bulk ideas such as the Deluxe Chemical start packs for Bromine & Chlorine plus the Hot Tub Cleaning Kit.

Testing strips are also part of the range with a special introductory offer of 60% extra will all current stock orders which calculates to 80 testing strips for the price of just 50 .

The Perfect Balance range is accompanied with a complete set of helpful video tutorials to help users maintain the right water balance for their hot tub & keep the water clear & clean

To see the entire range see the link

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