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Winter Shutdown

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Platinum Hot Tub Winter Shutdown

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Flush Drain Spa

Flush The Hot Tub 

After a long period of heavy use, your hot tub will build up a layer of dirt & biofilm that will sit in the pipework unnoticed (the parts you don't use).

We flush the system to eliminate Biofilm plus other bacteria hiding within the hot tub pipework leaving the shell clean both externally & internally with a fresh fragrant scent.

On the day of the service please leave the hot tub full of water & the engineer will drain the hot tub after applying an anti-biofilm solution. 

For more details on biofilm read our article on the hazards of biofilm & its prevention. 


Biofilm Elimination

Biofilm is any group of bacteria & other micro-organisms that attach themselves to a solid surface that is in regular contact with water.

 These micro-organisms submerge themselves in a protective layer of slime that is resistant to sanitisers such as chlorine or bromine.

Biofilm can carry bacteria such as legionella & E - Coli and grows in dark, warm, water dominated areas.

Biofilm inside the hot tub can create cloudy water, can give off odours & effect the performance of the hot tub so its vitally important biofilm is kept in check.

It is important to service the hot tub where the internal parts are given a more severe clean. 


Check & Clean Filters

Check & Clean Filters 

Keep the filters clean is essential for clear filtration & the efficient running of the heater.

A clean filter will be able to collect particles from the hot tub water as opposed to a block filter which would not.

Filters are placed to soak in a cleaning solution while all other tasks are performed.

They are also checked in case new filters may be needed at an additional cost.    


Check & Clean Jets

Check & Clean Jets 

Every effort is made to clear each individual water jet of grit & dirt to ensure that the jets can be moved freely and are as close to the original performance level as possible.

Our hydrotherapy performance has won us national awards in previous years for health benefits but if the jets are clogged & therefore unable to operate to full potential, then vital massage benefits will be lost.

Removable jets are all cleaned both inside & outside to restore optimum performance.



Check Internal Pipework for Leaks & Kinks

Check Internal Pipework For Leak & Kinks 

We will remove the cabinets and check the underside of the hot tub for any leaks or kinks in the pipework

Again, we will act as necessary to any issues.


Empty Clean Rinse & Vacuum Spa

Empty: Clean: Rinse: Vacuum 

We will drain the spa & then set about cleaning the hot tub inside & outside.

We also vacuum the underneath of the hot tub as well. 



Check & Clean Spa Cover

Check & Clean The Spa Cover

The spa cover of a hot tub is essential as this protects the spa from all diffrent types of things for example the weather.

If look after the spa cover the spa cover will look after your tub and keep the shell from getting damaged.

Spa covers are very easy to clean, use our Spa Cover Shine to keep it looking good as new 

Clean & Inspect The Cabinet

Check, Inspect & Clean The Cabinet

It is always important to check & clean the cabinets as they are a main part of the hot tub & they are always exposed to the outside weather 

Cleaning the cabinets of the tub always make the tub look brand new

Protective Wrapping

Protective Wrapping

Wrapping the hot tub up will protect from any insects, foreign objects or water from getting into the empty spa.

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