Hot Tub Review

Value For Money & Total Control 

The overall quality of the tub is good and am pleased with the way it works and especially great having the facility to control it via WiFi.

You definitely get a lot of tub for your money when you compare it to other brands and it's nice to know it's packed with good quality serviceable components, so good value for money.

 I couldn't be any happier with the service I've received from Hot Tub Suppliers as they've always responded to any communication quickly (even on a weekends) and have always dealt with any issues or queries.

This being carried through from conception to delivery and including aftercare.

Obviously I would have no problems recommending Hot Tub Suppliers and wish them every success in the future


Mickey ordered the Emperor Deluxe hot tub in Midnight Grey with Midnight Grey cabinet 


Mickey Revell

Worcestershire | Emperor Deluxe

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