Energy Saving Tips

Energy Saving Tips

Energy Saving Hot Tub Advice

With the rising costs of energy facing all households this year, the use of a hot tub does not need to be sacrificed and we at HTS have devised a guide to help reduce energy costs so you can enjoy the therapeutic benefits that the hot tub offers.

  1. Location:

The final location of the hot tub is a very important part of any landscape design and this final position will also have a bearing on energy conservation of the hot tub. A hot tub situated in an open location and therefore exposed to all weathers would suffer the worst for energy efficiency in comparison to a hot tub guarded by a fence, wall or other structures. Gazebos and Pergolas would also offer some protection with the indoor location of a summer house being the most efficient as its fully covered. Try and mix your landscaping with efficient ideas to keep the hot tub at the centre piece of the design but in an efficient location.

  1. Insulation:

The majority of hot tubs are surrounded by a cabinet, poor cabinet insulation will haemorrhage heat & amp; therefore, give more pressure on the heater to maintain temperature. Good insulation of the hot tub cabinet will ensure that heat will not easily escape & keep energy consumption to an acceptable level. Good insulation of a hot tub is a high-density foam surrounding the acrylic shell, a thick cabinet insulation, a thick hot tub base plus of course a dense hot tub cover which are complimentary with most hot tubs. When ordering a hot tub, the depth of the hot tub cover is an essential question as this is an important factor in energy efficiency as the thicker the hot tub cover, the better the insulation will be.

  1. The Hot Tub Systems - WIFI

The majority of Balboa hot tubs have a WIFI system in built or will be WIFI ready, the benefit of the WIFI is that it allows the user to control the hot tub remotely by downloading an app to their smart phone or tablet. Controlling the hot tub remotely will of course help efficiency with spa control being so easy

  1. The Hot Tub Systems - Eco Modes

All hot tubs are configured with different modes to go from a constant heat setting to a more economic setting, they will be wording differently as below:

Ready mode – constantly heating to maintain temperature.

Standard mode – constantly heating to maintain temperature.

Rest mode – will only heat during filter periods.

Eco mode – will only heat during filter periods.

Sleep mode – will only heat during filter periods and will only when the hot tub drops 10 degrees below the set temperature.

E.g., If your set temperature is 38 degrees, the heater will be activated when the temp is below 28 degrees.

The modern Balboas (BP models) have ready / rest setting whilst the older GS system is equipped with the standard /economy and sleep modes. The BP models are also WIFI ready whilst GS models are not. From user feedback its proven to be more cost effective to switch from ready (when using the hot tub ) to rest ( after use ) to keep energy levels to a more efficient level and also reduce wear on the heater and pumps.

  1. The Hot Tub Systems – Filtration Settings

Again, most modern hot tubs have settings to filter the hot tub twice a day, this is normally a default time in the morning and the same in the evening. The times are adjustable from the control panel or app so we recommend these times to be set according to your routine with the hot tub. For example, if you are using the hot tub on most days at 8 PM, the filter setting should be set to a time close to 8 PM so the heat used during the filter period is used for the actual hot tub use. In the above scenario, a filtration setting of 6 PM to 8 PM would allow the hot tub to filter and heat for 2 hours so when 8 PM approaches the hot tub will be on or close to temperature. The duration of time will of course alter from season to season with weather and location factors taken into account.

  1. Accessories – Hot Tub Blanket

Hot tub accessories can also be bought to increase efficiency such as hot tub blankets which cover the hot tub and cabinets, the hot tub blankets are insulated and designed to be effective but also easy to take on and off. Even when the weather is good, the blanket will also protect the hot tub from outdoor elements such as tree sap and UV.

  1. Accessories – Heat Pumps

An air source heat pumps is an efficient way to heat the hot tub, heat pumps are an additional box which is situated close the hot tub which can heat the hot tub in less time and at a reduced price. They come at an extra cost but with a Heat pump it is 3 times quicker and cheaper and is much more energy efficient for everyone hence, the cost will come back over a course of time.

  1. Summary

There is no doubt that the cost to run a hot tub just like a car, or a home have risen with the recent world events but the above tips will keep the hot tub efficient and help reduce energy costs. A hot tub will provide a source of hydrotherapy, it will relax the body and mind and give quality of life to users. The daily cost will be still be lower than the price of the average pint of beer, a glass of gin and tonic or wine, it will still be lower than a drive to the shops or taxi journey for a meal out. As multiple national health benefits award winners we understand the lifestyle benefits hot tubs provide to all ages and genres and it’s a personal choice to evaluate what is best for yourself and family to get the lifestyle rewards you need.



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