Trichlor Products

Trichlor Products

Our range of hot tub chemicals consists of prime sanitisers such as Chlorine Granules & Bromine Tablets.

Whilst Chlorine Granules & Bromine Tablets are our most popular sanitisers , We do have a few buyers who like Chlorine Tablets but these must be used with allot more care & attention.

Chlorine Tablets are also know as a Tri-Chlor product.

There are other sanitisers available which are stronger with more cleaning agents and some of these are called Tri Chlor products.

Tri-Chlor products are concentrated & acidic in nature which makes them hazardous to handle.

Due to the acidity plus their low PH, Tri Chlor products can create a corrosive influence thus damaging both internal & external areas of the hot tub if not maintained properly.

It is very important those who use Chlorine Tablets to monitor the water balance & keep a very studious eye on the hot tub.









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