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Test Water Balances        
Spa flush solution is added to the water on arrival        
Shock dose added to water        
Filters removed & cleaned with cleaning solution        
Jets checked & cleaned to regain optimum performance        
All pumps, blowers & other major parts electronically tested        
All pumps, blowers & major parts tested for abnormal noise        
Pipe work & joint inspection to ensure no leaks        
Inspection to ensure no kinks or bends in the pipe work        
Empty, clean, rinse down & vacuum out the spa        
Cabinet inspection        
Inform the customer of any repairs required        
Carry out the repairs agreed by the customer        
Tighten all unions, inspect & replace any small screws if required        
Re-fill the hot tub with water (depending on the water pressure)        
Prime all pumps of air        
Check pump heads & heater for traces of scale & clean if required        
Advise the customer on spa cover & headrests maintenance        
Clean both spa cover & hot tub cabinet        
Discount code for website for chemicals , spare parts & extras        
Customer signature obtained on check list        
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