13 Amp Options Available

13 Amp Options Available

This month we have launched the 13 range of hot tubs which are designed to suit a 13 amp power supply.

13 amps is a popular choice in many locations where the regular 32 amps is not possible.

These locations are certain homes, commercial developments and holiday, camp & caravan parks.

The range is available via each product page of the hot tub suppliers website and applicable

for models:

  • Countesa
  • Duke
  • Baron
  • Zeus Deluxe
  • Hera Deluxe
  • Olympus Deluxe 
  • Viscount

All the features for all models stay the same, but we will adjust the heater & software to make the hot tub compatible for the new power requirement .

The 13 A range is available throught the build your own section of the website and the cost for the conversion is free




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