Scale Control Advice

Scale Control Advice

Water in the UK varies between hard or soft water.

Hard water is produced when rain water passes through rocks either above or below the soil which are high in calcium or magnesium compounds.

The waters runs along the rocks resulting with compounds from the rocks dissolving in the water and resulting in hard water.


Soft hard in comparison is when the rocks are low in calcium or magnesium compound so the dissolved compounds on this occasion are not as strong.


In the UK hard water areas are mainly to the East, whilst Scotland, Northern Ireland, West Wales, Devon and Cornwall are predominantly soft water areas.


How Does This Effect a Hot Tub User?


Hot tub users in hard water areas already must see scale build up in kettles plus the lack of lather in soap.

The scale what you see inside the kettle will also form inside the hot tub and without regular monitoring, the scale can build up inside the interior pipes and corrode hot tub parts such as pumps and heaters.


To help soften the water and keep the scale away, no scale products must be used regularly to help prevent the build-up of scale and keep the hot tub clean and scale free.

We sell No Scale within our change of chemicals and can be found using the link below:

No Scale



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